Ways to help

Talk about the PTSD Walk, use #PTSDWalk

  • People with PTSD usually suffer in silence
  • Steve’s schedule is posted. Talk with him.

Share your mental victories

  • Share coping skills and wellness strategies
  • Talk about your battles with anxiety
  • Talk about how you dealt with stress
  • Tell someone “I believe in you.” #ibelieveinyou
  • Talk about when you asked for help

Fix Employee Assistance Programs

  • Remove stigma for getting help
  • Ensure mental health professionals are able to help. (Many First Responders have told Steve “They can’t help me.” Usually because the mental health professional does not understand the reality of the First Responder.)

Money donated is used for PTSD Walk costs. Daily expenses are roughly $100 a day. Lodging and food are the two primary expenses. Money in excess of PTSD Walk expenses will be given to a non-profit organization.